Amplify You Culture with Emplify

By August 21, 2018 April 15th, 2019 insights

As part of our Compete on Culture solution, we are very excited to announce a new partnership to help transform workplaces to company cultures that are flat-out better than their competition.

In our effort to bring the best solutions to engaging teams at work, we have formalized a partnership with Emplify, a Forbes-recognized employee engagement firm. Emplify is on a mission to change the unfortunate statistics around employee disengagement; helping millions in America’s workforce to find meaning in their work. 


Emplify provides scientifically-based employee feedback surveys that allow our team to take a deeper dive into company cultures and pinpoint root causes of disengagement.

By collecting anonymous feedback on a regular basis, it gives teams and leaders real-time insights from scientific data where we can quickly impact change. Emplify’s 250% year-over-year sales growth is the result of huge successes decreasing turnover and upticks in production for their customers.

If you’re looking to bring more meaning to your employees’ work experience, increase employee engagement and productivity, and start running your company based on proven predictive data, we can set up an exploratory conversation to discuss your goals and showcase our process with Emplify.