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Critical Leadership Abilities for the Growth of Your Business

By May 24, 2021insights
five leadership abilities

All entities that grow experience growing pains. That’s why the EOS Toolbox includes the Five Leadership Abilities™ for leveraging growth-minded success.  Here’s a brief video where I explain the Five Leadership Abilities courtesy of First Federal Lakewood as part of their Business Boost Series.

While EOS® features the Six Key Components™ to get the most success out of your business, a great business starts with great leadership and mastering these five abilities will help your company break through the ceiling.

  1. Simplify: Great leaders eliminate all the complexity of communication, processes, structure et all to focus on what’s essential and reduce the noise.
  2. Delegate: True growth is doing what you do best and have others do what they do best. It’s the idea of Delegate and Elevate™ with the right people in the right seats.
  3. Predict: Master long-term and short-term predicting utilizing Rocks (company and individual 90-day goals) plus the 1-year, 3-year and 10-year Vision of the company while being able to solve issues on a daily basis.
  4. Systemize: Document the core processes of your way of doing business following your Core Values and making sure they are followed by all.
  5. Structure: Rise above your organization and look at the big picture. Define the who sits is what “seat” or functions that will help your business grow and get the results you want using the Accountability Chart to eliminate confusion.

Whether your department or company is in a rut or not sure where to go from here, adopting these Five Leadership Abilities™ into your business is the filter through which we identify issues and the solutions we use to solve them.

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