CultureShoc’s 2016 Favorites

By December 19, 2016 August 8th, 2017 insights

the-confetti-bar-king-queen-slider-1-1000x500Just when you thought time couldn’t go any faster, here we are again about to close the book on another calendar year. If you know us, you know that we require the weekly sharing of personal and business bests. If you’re an EOS client, you’re likely in this cadence, as well.

Now, however, we want to bring you value and talk not about us but instead share our favorites from 2016 in several categories. Enjoy!

Favorite Energizer Activity: Have You Ever?

This audience favorite brings people back to their high school or college days. The question at its root is, “What do you want to learn about the rest of your team?” It’s a nonthreatening way to give and get insight about coworkers and what is important to them. Emotional engagement starts with trusting your team members and getting to know them on a human level. Have You Ever advances that cause.

For more information about this exercise, call us and start by asking us a Have You Ever question.

Favorite CRM Software: Insightly

Intuitive, simple to use and less cumbersome than many other options, Insightly is our choice for a CRM software. Whether you want to keep your contacts straight, remember how and where you met people, track sales opportunities or export lists, Insightly is an easy way to make it happen. Now, if we could just get its ads to stop following us all over the Internet … You can check this out at

Favorite Entrepreneur: Gary Vaynerchuk

Ever feel stuck in the mud? Need inspiration and motivation? Look no further than Gary Vee, the authority on social media marketing and the king of innovative content.

Watch one of our favorite Gary Vee videos here at

Favorite Meeting Software: Traction Tools

This one is self-serving but has changed the game for our staff meetings. Following the EOS process, Traction Tools houses all the most important segments of a productive weekly meeting (Scorecard, Rocks, Issues, etc.). It is a living workspace that enables you to add to-dos or issues from anywhere and update all of our meeting components as they go.

Favorite App: The One You Actually Use

Ask six of our people and you’ll get six different responses. We’ve had votes for the Kindle App, Instagram, Houzz, Pandora and others, but the truth is, the best apps are the ones you use. Among the million choices, we’ve found that less is more.

Favorite Podcast: Entrepreneur On Fire

Former U.S. Army Officer John Lee Dumas interviews successful entrepreneurs seven days a week, asking them a spectrum of interesting questions about their businesses.

Visit his website at and download a few episodes to hear for yourself.

Favorite Nonprofit: It’s a Tie

Each of these organizations means something special to us. Take a look at their websites; you won’t regret it.

If there’s a nonprofit you think we should know about, drop us a line.

Favorite Sports Drink: Nooma

Founded by Jarred and Brandon Smith, two brothers from Northeast Ohio, Nooma is a non-acidic hydration drink for “doers and pursuers.” The subtle, refreshing taste and health advantages have made it a CultureShoc favorite. To find Nooma, visit their website at to order some or locate a nearby retailer.

Favorite Coffee: Starbucks

We like Starbucks. Sue us.