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Clarify, simplify, and achieve your vision.

At CultureShoc, we’ll take a deep dive into your company and get you on track to realize real, sustainable results.

We help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams gain Traction® in their business using the Entrepreneurial Operating System® – a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands companies gain more of what they want from their businesses.

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Meet the EOS Implementers® at CultureShoc

Ready to realize great ideas, processes and accountability?

Ron Kaminski

Ron is a Expert EOS Implementer® and the Visionary/Founder of CultureShoc. With 15 years experience as a facilitator, he is a guru at helping companies build high performance teams.

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Ready for your leadership team to gain traction?

Kimberly H. Dyer

Kimberly is a Certified EOS Implementer® and a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. She’s an expert in helping companies define their vision, develop their employees and create strategies to ultimately realize their goals.

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Ready to grow your business and improve the health of your company?

Jim Tennant

Jim is a Professional EOS Implementer® and a Six Sigma Black Belt. As a past CEO of a successful manufacturing company, Jim has firsthand experience as to the why and how EOS works for small businesses.

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Ron and his staff have transformed our business! Highly recommend CultureShoc.

Tim Gill - President, 33 Mile Radius

I can’t say enough about how EOS has helped TheraPeds create process and structure. Before we had no accountability and now we all know exactly what to do each day and are held accountable to it.

Fay Margareten - Owner, TheraPeds

Choosing CultureShoc is one of the three most important decisions I ever made for my company, and they were instrumental in making us a top place to work.

Scott Maloney - President, K2M Design

In short, while we read the books and followed the format, it became very apparent that we were being far too lax about implementation. Not only did we need a fresh voice, from outside the business, we also needed someone to keep us focused and accountable.

Travis Grundke - Executive VP, Ashton Technology Solutions

Not only did our meeting productivity increase dramatically, our whole culture has changed for the better. Our company is growing and prospering as a result of CultureShoc and the EOS Process they helped us implement.

William J. Roess President, Technical Insurance

While there are many forms of business coaching, EOS® is a proven system for helping companies build and execute a shared vision.

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