Strengthen your entire team’s commitment to EOS® in a positive, engaging way.

We work with your EOS Implementer to launch or reset an EOS Rollout to maximize impact.

After a leadership team has mastered EOS®, it’s not as easy to get the entire company onboard. In rolling out EOS, you can’t just check the box – you must seek to truly engage people.

Companies running on EOS must transfer the knowledge, energy and alignment achieved in the session room to their entire organization. Whether you self-implement or already have an EOS Implementer™, we can help everyone get excited, engaged and onboard to maximize the benefits of being an EOS run business.

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“As an EOS Implementer, I had the opportunity to work with CultureShoc to rollout EOS with my client. The rollout was very successful with high levels of engagement, enthusiasm, and commitment. They are very skilled in helping clients plan a rollout, working with clients to enhance the effectiveness of the message, and conducting team exercises so that all associates were included and engaged in the process. Working with CultureShoc made their rollout a meaningful event that led the success of moving EOS forward.”

Jim Jelinek,
Professional EOS Implementer™ & Vistage Chair

“We run EOS and understand how critical it is for the whole team buy-in. CultureShoc’s team building events are the best! They tied our strategic efforts together with our culture and supercharged employee engagement.”

Kristin Cloonan, Chief Experience Officer
K2M Design

“After months of hard work implementing EOS, we were committed to making sure it was introduced to the broader team with excitement and excellence. CultureShoc complimented our Implementer very well, both in planning and execution. They emceed the actual event and added energizing activities to turn a traditionally boring state-of-the-company meeting on its head.”

Don Hunter, Founder & Visionary