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ITS Leadership Program

With 10 sessions scheduled to fit the demand of your business, your leaders will develop the skills and gain the mindset to drive results and increase engagement at all levels of your organization.

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Program Highlights

We do more than lecture your team on what strong leaders look like—we provide engaging, interactive sessions where teams turn these skills into actionable results.

Complete Sessions On Your Timeline

Program covers 10 virtual or in-person sessions that can be completed on your team's timeline, typically between 3-12 months.

See Tangible Results Right Away

We assign accountability partners and conclude each session with individual commitments to implement learnings and keep your teams on track for success.

Let Us Prove It Or You Don't Pay

No contracts or long-term commitments. If you don't see value at the end of a session don't pay us and don't move forward. Seriously.

The ITS Leadership Process

Developed using years of leadership development experience, our process is guaranteed to produce results or you don't pay. Download the ITS Leadership process HERE.

Tangible Results

What our clients have gained from the ITS Leadership program

Increased retention & draw to their company – Companies that enroll leaders in our program see more commitment from top talent and increased attraction with talented applicants.

Ownership mindset at all levels of the organization – All employees are more driven, accountable, and motivated to get the job done—especially when it involves tackling challenges as a team.

Sustainable succession as your business grows – Developing next-level leaders allows teams to stay consistent and engaged during times of business growth and change.

Engagement in and achievement of team goals – Company and department goals are met faster and with more enthusiasm with highly engaged team members.

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Increase Engagement & Improve Retention with Into the Storm Leadership Training

Transform the mindset of your emerging leaders and create a culture of sustainable growth with CultureShoc's 10-course program.

Program Curriculum


Five courses designed to build leadership skills
  1. Establish Authentic Trust – Covers the idea of The Buffalo Mindset and how it can be applied both personally and professionally as well as expectations/commitment for the program to work.
  2. Real.Simple.Communication – Discusses the importance and art of active listening while helping participants acknowledge their own communication styles and devise an actionable plan for communicating with their teams.
  3. Positive Accountability – Reviews the idea of servant leadership as well as creating a culture where accountability isn’t always seen as a negative.
  4. The Power of Delegation – Covers the importance of delegation and the methods by which to delegate effectively.
  5. Crush Complacency – Discusses the real reasons why employees become complacent, how to give teams more meaning in their work, and maximizing the engagement of a workforce.
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Five courses designed to grow ITS Leadership Skills
  1. Leading Sustainable Execution – Presents tangible tools and methods for ensuring execution of concepts in the Foundational program and beyond.
  2. Intentional Life Design – Discusses the shift to a forward-looking and deliberate mindset while giving participants the confidence to say no to things that don’t align with their goals and awareness of how even small decisions compound with big consequences.
  3. High-Trust Environments – Expands on trust exercises covered in Foundations sessions while assessing progress in building high-trust relationships and analyzing productive conflict.
  4. Give Autonomy, Get Commitment – Gives participants the skills necessary to step back in order to lead more effectively.
  5. A Leader’s Legacy – Takes a look at how participants are perceived, what they’re contributing at home & work, and what changes need to be made to leave a legacy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Storms are situations or routines that create roadblocks to getting the job done efficiently and effectively. Some examples of storms are a lack of delegation within a company, pointless and boring meetings, complacency within leadership positions, or a lack of open and honest conversations. We seek to help leaders learn the skills to face these challenges head-on to make decisions and solve problems faster.

Our ITS Leadership program aims to develop leadership skills in high-performing, high-potential employees. The ideal fit for these courses is anyone you believe fits into your second layer of leadership or those who are most likely to become leaders of your company in the future. We encourage you to consider team members across all facets of your business rather than a single team. For each group, 8-12 participants is ideal.

There’s no better time than the present! The sooner your teams learn the skills necessary to solve challenges faster, the better equipped they will be when the next storm comes.

We invite you to fill out the form for a quick 20-minute intro call so we can learn more about your business. There is no pressure associated with this call, we just want to take some time to introduce ourselves and get to know you better!

Either virtual, at our Westlake, OH office, or off-site near your company's location. We believe it's important for learning and retention to get your team out of their normal environment so we strive to change the location.

Absolutely! Once we have our Charge Meeting and get to know your business and goals, we will put you in touch with one of our clients who has put their leaders through our program.

Kickoff typically occurs in the morning where we discuss what participants have put into practice since the last session, then dive into the topics for the day. We leverage a combination of principle discussion, small group breakouts, facilitated exercises, worksheet completion, and more throughout our session.

The quickest a group can complete Foundation and Mastery phases is two weeks, completing one of the 10 sessions each business day.

We assist some clients in their selection process by leveraging Kolbe™ conative assessments.

We charge $6-8,000 per session day. Please contact us for more information on pricing for 1:1 coaching or larger group sessions.

  • "We continue to use CultureShoc and have developed a consistent process of taking CultureShoc into our team. This year we exposed CultureShoc to over 125 of our middle managers. Not only did they learn something, but they took something valuable back."

    Heidelberg Distributing

  • "Choosing CultureShoc is one of the three most important decisions I ever made for my company, and they were instrumental in making us a top place to work."

    K2M Design

  • "The biggest benefit we’ve received from CultureShoc is that we’re galvanized now. We work together and move ahead as a single company, focused on the mission of serving our clients."

    Technical Assurance

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