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Our assessment will put you in the right place to receive a custom plan from our team to help your teams adopt the Into The Storm Mindset.

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This assessment is not a quiz or a place for judgment–it is a way for us to get to know your business and skills better to see if we can help put your company in a position to grow! Please be as open and honest with your answers as possible.

You will be emailed results within minutes to give you an idea of where your teams stand when it comes to the Into The Storm Mindset.

Your Leaders have created a culture of high trust cross-functionally and within their teams.
Your Leaders communicate across the board, with no misunderstandings or messages slipping through the cracks.
Your Leaders hold team members accountable to commitments, goals and action items.
Your Leaders provide open & honest feedback, especially constructive criticism, in team settings or 1:1s.
Your Leaders fully “own their roles,” executing high-value activities and embracing healthy delegation by empowering their teams.