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Team Building that Gives Back

Give together. Grow Together. Charity team building events are a powerful way to unite your team.

Giving back together connects people authentically and shows employees the incredible impact their efforts can have on their community. We work with you and the local charities in your community and tailor the experience based on your goals.

It’s hard to be skeptical when you’re giving bikes to kids who can’t afford them or building a home furnishings for a family in need. Once your team members come together to serve a greater good, they will work together more effectively for the common good of your company.

  • Level the playing field. The CEO may be the expert in the office, but he’s not an expert at building things blindfolded. Our charity team building activities put your whole team on the same plane, working together without egos to serve others.
  • Two-for-one engagement. When your team comes together for a worthy cause, employees start to see their leaders and peers in a new light, as caring individuals. This drives emotional engagement and authentic interactions that align teams on a deeper level.
  • Create a lasting impact. Charity team building events create powerful memories, with pictures and stories your team will share for years to come.
Chase Plastics

Pete, we have received nothing but positive feedback on the CultureShoc event. I would love to have a follow up call to give some additional insight. Our CIO was very happy with the event as well and we will be providing this feedback to our Community Investments team. The theme of the Buffalo actually carried on through the entire event and I've been asked for any materials that we can use to relay the story of the Buffalo to our teams as well.

Mary Kay

Our team had an incredible experience with CultureShoc. The activities were engaging and thought-provoking, which led to team bonding and encouragement. Bonnie led our group beautifully and it felt like we had known her for years when the experience was over. The CultureShoc program is highly recommended for any team interested in leadership development, problem-solving skills and building relationships.

Hobart Financial

You guys are awesome and really helped us to get back on track for the rest of the year. Even in just a few short hours you helped us remember why we are such a killer team in the first place. We are looking forward to working with CultureShoc again in the future!

Cleveland Clinic CNR

Working with Pete and CultureShoc from start to finish couldn’t have been a more memorable and worthwhile experience for us. We are a large group (or so we thought) and had concerns about being able to pull off an event for 75 people and come to find out 75 is easy compared to some events they do for hundreds of people.
Pete is the rock of the whole transaction from the initial consult to the team building execution and was so precise about everything that my attention to detail was put to shame compared to his. They are a professional group of people who promote excitability and fun while keeping the company mission and goals at the forefront.

33 Mile Radius

Ron and his staff have transformed our business! Highly recommend CultureShoc.

Tawas Bay Insurance Agency

We were so blessed to work with CultureShoc at our conference yesterday! They killed it and everyone had a blast. We learned a bunch, networked a whole lot, and had a ton of fun! Thank you!