Meet Our Team

Ron Kaminski, Visionary and Certified EOS Implementer
Visionary of Cultureshoc & Expert EOS Implementer®

Ron Kaminski

A longtime expert in leadership development and workplace culture, Ron has helped companies create high performance teams for over 20 years. With 600+ EOS® sessions to date, he takes a deep dive into companies to help them build sustainable and profitable businesses.

As an entrepreneur, he is the owner and Visionary of CultureShoc. Ron's client list ranges from World Shipping, Acutec and Bravo Wellness to rapidly growing Inc. 5000 companies. Named Honoree of Northeast Ohio’s Smart 50 Award for top executives in 2017, I have served as board member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Cleveland and U.S. Central Chapters and EO Global.

In his free time, he enjoys time with his family of six, either baking pizzas in the backyard, paddling on Lake Erie, or taking vacations around the globe.

Liz Simon, Operations and Integrator
Operations and Integrator

Liz Simon

Liz has established a successful career in running everything and everyone efficiently. With over 20 years of experience in Executive Assistance and Project Managements, along with her get things done mentality, she excels in the ITS Mindset and managing the herd at CultueShoc.

Having been a fitness coach and podcast host, Liz brings another level to the ITS Coaching Program at CultureShoc. Sharing her experiences along with her focus on alignment of Head Words and Heart, she has helped clients move forward with a growth mindset.

Liz holds a Bachelors Degree from Grand Canyon University but her biggest accomplishment is managing the chaos of her 4 children..

Pete Honsberger, Lead Facilitator
Lead ITS Coach

Pete Honsberger

Pete has been serving CultureShoc clients for nearly a decade. His experience and passion facilitating high-energy, team development training, has allowed over 300 organizations to improve their relationships, alignment, and productivity. while advancing emerging leaders with the ITS Leadership Program.

Drawing on experience as a small business partner, Fortune 500 team building facilitator, and a former collegiate athlete, Pete helps teams and individuals adopt CultureShoc’s ITS (Into the Storm) Mindset to improve their performance.

In addition, Pete is an author of three books, the play-by-play broadcasting voice of Community Focus Television Sports, and a recipient of the Cleveland 25 Under 35 Movers & Shakers Award.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Communications from John Carroll University. In his free time, Pete enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenna, and daughter, Kali, at their home in the Cleveland area, as well as exercising and writing.

Kimberly Dyer, Professional EOS Implementer and Certified Kolbe Consultant
Certified EOS Implementer® & Kolbe Certified™ Consultant

Kimberly Dyer

For over 25 years, Kimberly has helped several organizations define their vision, create structure, and develop their strategy to ultimately realize their goals.

As a Certified EOS Implementer®, she helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams continuously improve every aspect of running their business. In addition, she is a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. With a focus on project management and employee effectiveness, she brings a clear understanding of how to make things run better and make people work better together.

When she’s not with clients, Kimberly loves working with nonprofit boards and their leadership teams to bring about organizational and operational improvement. To fulfill their love of travel and culture, Kimberly and her family have been to six different continents, all while never losing a piece of luggage!

Jim Tennant, EOS Implementer
Professional EOS Implementer® & Six Sigma Blackbelt

Jim Tennant

Having led manufacturing and service-based businesses for over 25 years, Jim became an Professional EOS Implementer to help others find success in their businesses and their lives.

As a past President and Visionary of an manufacturing company, Jim discovered how quickly EOS makes businesses run better. While he has worked in a variety industries including medical, packaging, automotive and instrumentation from start-ups to acquisitions to mature companies, nothing helped run companies more effectively along with giving more time to pursue other passions than the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Now as an EOS Implementer along with being a Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean manufacturing expert, and a past Vistage member, Jim can help align your team and clarify business operations to institutionalize financial, cultural, and personal success.

An avid traveler, amateur “foodie” and woodworking enthusiast, Jim is always on the go with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Growth Leader & ITS Coach

Joe Jurec

Joe's experience comes from a lot of different places, but a formal college education isn't one of them. A self-proclaimed reformed people pleaser, he now helps people at all career stages embrace conflict and the service side of accountability.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Joe spent the better part of a decade in Columbus, San Diego, LA, San Franciso, and Chicago, before relocating back home with his wife prior to having their two children.
He's led learning and change programs for Sony Electronics & Sears Holdings, scaled SaaS start-ups in Energy, Disaster Prepareness, and Humanitarian Support industries, and has a gnack for Sales & Marketing.

His high energy and relatable communication style helps him quickly connect whether in a 1:1 coaching environment or in front of 500 people at a conference.

Joe also leads all of CultureShoc's Growth efforts and is slightly obsessed with figuring out new tools & tech. While he's normally more curiosity-led than advice-driven, be warned that if you bring up AI, automation, gig economy or digital marketing...he's probably going to get excited and talk your ear off.

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