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Expert facilitation for high level business success
and an awesome workplace culture.

EOS® Implementation to Get a Grip on Your Business.

Into The Storm™ Leadership Programs to Level-Up Top Talent.

Kolbe Solutions for the Right Job and Team Fit.

Keynote Speakers who are Engaging and Never, Ever Bore.

It’s not easy running a business and managing a team.

With effective tools and a winning team, it can be. We can help you determine the right path with no obligation whatsoever. And if you choose us to help get you there, we promise results or you don't pay. It's that simple.

Why we're different

We are a high performance engagement firm with four experts on building better teams. Located at the Traction Leadership Center, we offer catered meetings and workshops on site and travel around the country and beyond to facilitate team building, business conferences and  company retreats.
At CultureShoc, we strive to be buffalo and help our clients do the same. Why a buffalo? Because unlike cows, buffalo know when you charge through a storm–instead of running away from it–you’ll get to blue skies faster.
And here’s why we’re not like any consultants, facilitators, or coaches you’ve worked with before: We facilitate simply the best team and meeting experiences. We are the anti-consultants to help you succeed then we’ll get out of your way. We promise results or nothing so if you don’t see results, you pay nothing.
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