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You just bring the team, we'll bring the change you need. 

At CultureShoc, we believe in the power of strong teams. While team dinners and outings at a bowling alley are nice, we're more intentional about facilitating connections and drawing parallels to work challenges. Our team-building experiences ensure your investment of time and energy goes much further.


Every event that brings teams together is a chance to build new memories and improve how we work together. It's why our team thrives in the excitement of team building, and can bring even the biggest wallflower out onto the dance floor.

The greatest teams have nothing but A-players who understand what the overall vision is. They also show support for the culture you’re trying to build.

What makes an event engaging, educational, and memorable?

Not every team building effort needs to be overly structured, and each day we see more opportunities for teams to come together. But what separates a distraction from a meaningful lesson or connection? Our team has some idea.

High Energy Means High Impact.

Ignite the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie with our high-energy team building experiences. From adrenaline-pumping activities to creative challenges, our engaging events are designed to strengthen bonds, foster communication, and create lasting memories.

Elevate Engagement to Reach New Heights.

Break free from the mundane and infuse your team with enthusiasm and motivation. Our dynamic team building activities are tailored to enhance employee engagement, boost morale, and cultivate a positive and cohesive work environment.

A Unique Experience for Unique Teams.

Step outside the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. Our repertoire includes zero small-talk happy hours, amazing race-themed scavenger hunts, minute-to-win-it style challenges, marble roller coaster builds, live polling, and employee trivia. Choose from a range of exciting options, each customized to fit your specific team's needs.

Enhance Your Conference Impact through Team Building Experiences

Based on our extensive experience, integrating team building activities with workshops is a tried-and-true method to transform your conference into a meaningful and unforgettable event. Explore the following possibilities, and together, we can determine whether one of these options or a customized hybrid solution is the perfect fit for your team. It's worth noting that we frequently take the lead in managing the entire conference, seamlessly blending these activities with sessions from our renowned Into The Storm Leaders program. Let's start the conversation today!

Live Polling & Interactive TriviaEngage your team in real-time discussions and friendly competition. Participants weigh in on various topics and demonstrate their knowledge retention using their smartphones. Results are displayed instantly on the main screen. This activity can be tailored to last 60-90 minutes or broken into 5-15 minute segments throughout a conference, reinforcing meeting topics.

Zero Small Talk Happy Hour OR High Energy Happy HourBreak down barriers and create deeper connections within your team. In the Zero Small Talk Happy Hour, small groups are intentionally formed, and prompts encourage participants to share vulnerable aspects of themselves, fostering meaningful interactions. For the High Energy Happy Hour, we use light and fun prompts to keep the energy high and spirits lifted.

Marble Rollercoaster Build
Teams compete to construct and market a functional marble rollercoaster following detailed specs and standards. With three distinct sections to create, teams face unique challenges like 'non-verbal communication only' or 'no communication with other groups'. They present their coaster designs and marketing pitches before racing marbles to test their builds. This experience mirrors workplace challenges like project hand-offs and communication. Clients often incorporate a charitable donation element into this, using donated goods as part of the building supplies.

Facilitate Round Table DiscussionsTap into the collective wisdom of your group. Choose 3-5 topics relevant to your organization, and our facilitator will lead structured discussions, encouraging best practice sharing. This enables real takeaways and deeper insights into topics such as Brand Advocacy, Social Media Presence, AI & Automation, Time Management, and Software Utilization.

Charity Bike BuildFoster trust and teamwork as teams of 8-12 compete to assemble children's bikes, overcoming multiple challenging phases. This impactful activity typically costs around $150 per bike, including helmets and pads. It not only draws parallels to common team issues but also gives back to the community. We often coordinate with local children's charities to have a representative on-site to receive the donated bikes at the end.

Minute (or Two) to Win ItGet teams competing in a series of fun Minute-2-Win-It-themed activities and exercises. Examples include the Process Game, 2-Minute Towers, Speed Brainstorming, and more. You can even add a charitable element to this activity for an extra layer of meaning.

Amazing Race Themed Scavenger HuntIf your team can venture outside the meeting venue, embark on an unforgettable scavenger hunt adventure. Teams work together to tackle unique challenges at various locations, making this a top-tier team-building experience. Ideal for venues near downtown areas, malls, or parkways.

Team Feud Game ShowBring the excitement of a game show to your conference. Prior to the meeting, participants complete a survey that determines the answers in this team-based game show. It's a fun and interactive way to engage your team, and yes, we even provide mustaches!

OtherThere's simply too many options to list but hopefully this gives you an idea of the creative experiences we can facilitate for your team. If you have an idea, let's have a conversation about bringing it to life!

Why Team Building Matters.


In a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association, our activities have been shown to supercharge communication and collaboration among team members by a jaw-dropping 86%.


As reported in the Journal of Applied Psychology, organizations that invest in our team-building initiatives have a staggering 40% higher employee retention rate compared to those that do not.

Hear What Others are Saying About our Impact

We have had the opportunity to have CultureShoc help with 2 of our team retreats and have been blown away each time! Their energy, team building techniques and culture exercises make this event a huge success! I can't say enough great things about their programs and instructors!

Keller Williams | BrokerKeller Williams | BrokerEd Huck

The CultureShoc Keynote at our trade group meeting was amazing. It was high-energy, and highly enlightening event where everyone left with excitement about improving the effectiveness of their next meeting. I highly recommend them.

Capital Property Solutions | PrincipalCapital Property Solutions | PrincipalArnold Barzak

Highly recommended - I approach situations differently, adapting to the style of others. I've built stronger relationships with others departments, taught others the tools, and appreciate how each session brought it back to how each of us can actually apply learnings in the real world.

TRG | Sales Ops MgrTRG | Sales Ops MgrKirsten Haney

Our Emerging Leaders participated in the Foundational ITS Leadership Program and gained concepts & strategies that unlocked their full potential while providing value to bring back to share with the teams they lead. The Leadership Team attended the last session to celebrate the accomplishments of the completed program, and were able to hear the results gained from the team through the capstone project presentations. The investment we have made in our Emerging Leaders has had a positive impact on our organizational goals and overall success.

OxyGo | CEOOxyGo | CEOToria Marquard-Schultz

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