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Leveraging our Uniquely Designed and Facilitated Leadership Programs.

Our fastest growing training, with 10 sessions scheduled to fit the demand of your business, your leaders will develop the skills and gain the mindset to drive results and increase engagement at all levels of your organization.


The Reality for Most Clients

Members of the leadership team have experience and wisdom to share, with good intentions of developing the next generation of leaders at their company.

Unfortunately... they're often pulled in other directions in the business, lacking the bandwidth to invest what their team's need in order to take on more responsbilities. They want to delegate and empower their people, but can't do so confidently without first developing them. 

They Consider a Few Options

They could build an internal training function, but that takes time and a lot of resources. There's also a concern and likelihood of the training team's capacity being consumed by a technical focus.

They could enroll new leaders and high potental individual contributors in traditional academic programs at a local university, but the rigid class schedules could impede business priorities and classroom curriculum can feel more theory-based than applicable in today's real world, leaving learners unsure how to do something with that they learned.

So, most often...they end up failing to act, shifting focus to the myriad of other urgent issues with the hopes of addressing it themselves at a later time.

What's Holding Their Teams Back

Some of their Middle-managers were promoted largely due to their tenure (and accompanying institutional knowledge) or their performance as an individual contributor, neither directly preparing them for or translating to being an effective leader.

Instead of aligning with and executing the company vision, they struggle having the tough but necessary conversations. People naturally fear speaking truth to power and aren't commonly equipped with the ability to deliver clear, kind, and direct feedback, perhaps even moreso in this generation. Meaning...they're not confidently candid with senior leaderhip or creating accountability with their teams.

The Unfortunate Result

Senior leaders are forced to put focus on areas that prevent them from working on strategic initiatives, establishing ceilings for both them as individuals and for the company. Succession plans begin to either fall apart or fail to form entirely.

Middle-managers have the most direct interaction with larger workforce, so when they're misaligned or unskilled, they fail to foster a sense of connection, belonging, and high standards. Instead, exhibiting the wrong behaviors that create a lack of initiative & ownership, victim mentality, workplace drama, disengagement, and complacency...they all begin to surface more consistently in their teams.

The company can quickly develop a reputation for less than stellar culture and instead of raving fans bringing in referrals, they end up losing some of their best people at both the manager and contributor levels, with those sticking around being the ones they wished would leave. Hiring cost and complexity increases and the cycle repeats. 

What We've Learned

The way we need to develop our next generation of leaders has changed, and those who adapt first will compete and win with their cultures. Whether we ever do work together or not, here are the things that you should look for in a scalable solution.

  • It must be a program instead of a one-time event, aligning with the company's Vision and Values and principles modeled by Senior Leadersip.
  • It must have built to optimize learning retention and participant accountability, led by facilitators with recent and relevant experience and the ability to connect with all generations.
  • It should be a cross-functional team of emerging or elevating leaders together. By doing so they'll gain big picture understanding of the business, developing trust & camaraderie as they grow together, and applying learnings to solve actual issues.


Build Leadership that
Takes Your Team Further.

Pick a Path Designed to Meet Your Team Needs

With our Into The Storm Leaders development programs your team learns smart leadership skills that help get real business results and overcome growing management hurdles.

Explore Proven 5 & 10 Day Programs, 1-on-1 Coaching Solutions, Large Team Workshops, and proven solutions each tailored to your company's unique needs.

5 & 10 Day Comprehensive Programs

Our ITS Leaders Development Programs™️ are comprised of 2 phases: Foundation & Mastery.

Each phase is comprised of 5 full-day sessions, but the entire program is modular in nature which makes our curriculum ideal for exposure to larger groups of your organization in shorter sessions at conferences/meetings. Speaking engagements and 1-2 day workshops are often how companies will test us out before enrolling a cohort, and can also be leveraged to accelerate transformation once you see the results from one of our other programs.


Five courses designed to build leadership skills

Establish Authentic TrustIntroduces The Into The Storm (ITS) Mindset and how it can be applied both personally and professionally as well as expectations/commitment for the program to work. Participants will connect trust with intentional efforts and vulnerability, leaving with an approach and tools to accelerate trust in their relationships.

Real. Simple. Communication.Discusses the importance and art of active listening while helping participants acknowledge their own communication styles, devising an actionable plan for communicating more effectively with their teams, other members of the company, and outside parties.

Positive AccountabilityShifts the perception of accountability from a negative to a positive, acknowledging the disservice that comes from silence and arming participants with a framework for setting clear expectations, delivering direct criticism with compassion, and instilling an ownership mindset in one’s self and others.

Delegate & InnovateLays out proven methods for effective delegation and challenges conventional thought by introducing creative ways to "delegate" through automation, Al, and outsourcing. Participants leave with clarity around where they're currently investing time and steps towards putting more of it into areas that leverage their unique talents.

Crush ComplacencyDiscusses the real reasons why employees become complacent, how to give teams more meaning in their work, and maximizing the engagement of workforce. Increases the self-awareness of participants through exercises around perception of behavior.


Five courses designed to grow ITS Leadership Skills

Intentional Life DesignInspired by our coaching program, this session challenges participants to take a clarity break. They'll leave with identification of personal values, short & long-term goals, insights from a S.W.O.T. analysis, and a proven process for forming and keeping healthier habits.

Elevating Influence & CommunicationDeep work around emotional intelligence & increasing EQ, this session arms participants with a framework for better communication and positioning themselves to earn more influence. They'll leave with a collective action plan for influencing and owning positive change to a real issue their company is facing.

Effective Coaching & MentoringCalling back to the Peak Leadership exercise from the Positive Accountability session in Foundation, this session levels up participant's coaching abilities through exercises and discussion of the advantages of being curiosity-led instead of advice-driven, arming participants with when ands how to leverage different approaches.

Real. Change. Sustained.Following through on the action plan from the Elevating Influence session, this workshop gives participants a deeper understanding of change management and the tools to sustain change at scale. After running a simulation through the ITS Change Process, participants use the DICE Framework to appraise the success of iniitatives they've formed.

A Leader's LegacyChallenges participants to be 100% honest with themselves about the legacy they want to leave at their place of work and in their personal lives, reflecting on the impact their behaviors make on others and connecting the learnings from all other sessions to their commitments in becoming the leaders their people and families deserve.



Cohort Program for Internal Teams

The beginning of true culture change and best way to level up organizational performance. Select a small group of team members from different departments to prepare for elevated responsibility. This team will develop skills and a common language, building cross-functional camaraderie and trust along the way.

By gaining a set of tools and applying the concepts to solving actual issues at your company, they'll influence change and serve as catalysts for higher engagement across your organization. 

More InformationDownload the Program Overview.


Emerging Leaders Development Forum

Proven curriculum in a format that enables companies to develop individuals and smaller groups alongside emerging leaders from other industries. Participants get the added benefits of networking and best practice sharing, gaining perspective while developing.

This option is great for smaller companies or those looking to take our programs for a test drive. Enroll someone with high potential and a stubborn ceiling so we can demonstrate the value of this program.

Calendar & InfoLearn about the 5 Core Benefits and Unique Approach we take.

Check out the FAQ.

Foundation - Q3 Group
June 27th| Kickoff & Evening Team Building
June 28th | Session 2
July 25th | Session 3
Aug 22nd | Session 4
Sep 24th| Session 5

Foundation - Q4 Group
Sep 26th | Kickoff & Evening Team Building
Sep 27th | Session 2
Oct 22nd | Session 3
Nov 21st | Session 4
Dec 17th | Session 5

Mastery - 2024 Group
Aug 14th | Tentative Kickoff

RegistrationApply Now if you or a member of your team are ready to level up.



Custom Workshops & Conference Facilitation

Our programs have an intentional building block nature by design. That said, all 10 sessions are modular and fully adaptable for larger groups. Whether a keynote, workshop, or full conference facilitation, we have the experience and programming that will resonate with every team. 

Let's tailor something to fit your needs.

Consider these topicsThe Path to Positive Accountability is a series of skills and tools essential to transforming accountability from a negative to something that's embraced at your organization. 

We address these topics over 3-days in the ITS Leaders program, adapated into a highly impactful 3-hour workshop.

See For Yourself


We're Serious About



Good things just seem to happen that way.

Accelerate Trust with your team by downloading this participant playbook.

We're all about 'Help First' and hope you find value in this playbook. If you put this to good use yourself and we never work together...awesome. But if you'd like some help, we're here.

Download Playbook

Why Focus on Developing Leaders?

According to a study by Deloitte, millennials believe that leadership development is an essential aspect of their careers, highlighting the importance of providing relevant learning experiences.

A recent Association for Talent Development survey shows reasons to be concerned about a succession planning crisis. It appears that organizations aren’t effective at preparing people for senior leadership positions.

Hear What Others are Saying About our Impact

The biggest value for me was the added accountability of having a partner after each session, having to follow up with them on what you are implementing or not.

Kicking off each class with an honest review of the effort I gave and how well it worked.This made me actually focus on what I learned outside of class and I’m a better manager because of it.

Good Nature | Branch ManagerGood Nature | Branch ManagerNick Chalfant

The ITS Leaders program gave me a new perspective. The sessions encouraged learning through open and honest discussion and real-world application.  I personally benefited from the tools for forming trust and delivering radically candid feedback and believe leaders at any level of an organization would benefit from this.

Cleveland Construction | Sr Project MgrCleveland Construction | Sr Project MgrSeth Daniels

Highly recommended - I approach situations differently, adapting to the style of others. I've built stronger relationships with others departments, taught others the tools, and appreciate how each session brought it back to how each of us can actually apply learnings in the real world.

TRG | Sales Ops MgrTRG | Sales Ops MgrKirsten Haney

The program was very well received by our emerging leaders who participated. Our facilitator did a great job providing valuable, practical tools and strategies that our team could use every day.  Overall it was an awesome experience for our team.

Miller Transfer | PresidentMiller Transfer | PresidentMitch Unger

Our Emerging Leaders participated in the Foundational ITS Leadership Program and gained concepts & strategies that unlocked their full potential while providing value to bring back to share with the teams they lead. The Leadership Team attended the last session to celebrate the accomplishments of the completed program, and were able to hear the results gained from the team through the capstone project presentations. The investment we have made in our Emerging Leaders has had a positive impact on our organizational goals and overall success.

OxyGo | CEOOxyGo | CEOToria Marquard-Schultz

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