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Invest in Their People

If you're ready to get more intentional about your growth, Coaching has Proven to be one of the best ways to create immediate and lasting positive change in behavior. Combining a proven process with a customized approach, our curiosity-led coaches will help you devise a plan, offer positive accountability, and help you break through to new levels of success and satisfaction. 

How Coaching Helps Companies

Data proves that personal coaching benefits more than those being coached. Entire orgnaizations become more successful when their teams are built on strong leadership and a company's demonstrated commitment to their people has a positive ripple effect.


A study published in the Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies found that executive coaching leads to an average return on investment (ROI) of 7 times the initial investment. 


Recent Gallup research shows that organizations with highly engaged employees have 21% higher profitability.


Gallop studies also prove that along with increased profits engaged employees garnered an additional 17% productivity in the same time.


We Find the Right Coaching Fit for Today's Busy Leaders.


Whether you're the CEO of a successful company or their nephew, CultureShoc's coaches will help you gain clarity, enhance your leadership effectiveness, and reach new heights of success


Developmental Coaching for Next Gen Leaders

Accelerate high potential employee
growth and engagement.

Show your people you're committed to their growth and prepare them to take on more. This format of coaching pulls in more tools and models from our ITS Leaders programs for a heavier mix of development. Our coaching helps them develop critical skills, adopt an ownership mindset, and enables you to delegate confidently.

Ideal for those preparing to advance in any organization

Meets 2-3x per Month


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Coaching for Executive Leaders

Increase self-awareness and get more of what you want from life and business

Propel your executive performance to new levels. Our executive coaching empowers you to navigate complex challenges, drive strategic outcomes, and strengthen your leadership legacy. At this level, you don’t get the accountability and objectivity that you often need to continue growing…we’ve got you covered.

Ideal for proven leaders looking to continue evolving

Meets 2-3x per Month


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Individual Development Among Peers

Network and Level-Up with leaders from across all industries working together

Proven curriculum in a format that enables companies to develop individuals and smaller groups amongst a network of learners. While not as tailored to the individual as coaching, this hands-on development lays an excellent foundation.

Perfect for teams creating new leadership around real-world problems.

5 Full-Day Workshops over a Quarter

1-4 Participants per Company

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Score more business with the smart plays in this book.

Accelerate Trust with your team by downloading this coaching playbook.

We're all about 'Help First' and hope you find value in this playbook. If you put this to good use yourself and we never work together...awesome. But if you'd like some help, we're here.

Download Playbook

Hear What Others are Saying About our Impact

Pete at CultureShoc has provided me with 1-on-1 executive coaching, encouraging and guiding me toward achieving both my personal and professional goals. He has been an invaluable resource to me as I work to become a better leader each day.

Chase Properties | CFOChase Properties | CFOChad Gardner

The biggest value for me was the added accountability of having a partner after each session, having to follow up with them on what you are implementing or not.

Kicking off each class with an honest review of the effort I gave and how well it worked.This made me actually focus on what I learned outside of class and I’m a better manager because of it.

Good Nature | Branch ManagerGood Nature | Branch ManagerNick Chalfant

Personally, the experience with Pete was fantastic and got me through bad times and helped me improve organizational skills. I keep a lot in mind at one time, but it was too much.

I really did need the help and it was good to have someone from outside looking in to get you thinking from a different perceptive. He’d help me look at all the issues to give me new ideas and solutions. For anyone ready for their next move within a company, I’d recommend coaching sessions with Pete.

Ohio Metallurgical Services - MetallurgistOhio Metallurgical Services - MetallurgistDean Repar

Ron and his staff have transformed our business! Highly recommend CultureShoc.

EverCommerce | GMEverCommerce | GMTim Gill

The ITS Leaders program gave me a new perspective. The sessions encouraged learning through open and honest discussion and real-world application.  I personally benefited from the tools for forming trust and delivering radically candid feedback and believe leaders at any level of an organization would benefit from this.

Cleveland Construction | Sr Project MgrCleveland Construction | Sr Project MgrSeth Daniels

Highly recommended - I approach situations differently, adapting to the style of others. I've built stronger relationships with others departments, taught others the tools, and appreciate how each session brought it back to how each of us can actually apply learnings in the real world.

TRG | Sales Ops MgrTRG | Sales Ops MgrKirsten Haney

The program was very well received by our emerging leaders who participated. Our facilitator did a great job providing valuable, practical tools and strategies that our team could use every day.  Overall it was an awesome experience for our team.

Miller Transfer | PresidentMiller Transfer | PresidentMitch Unger

Our Emerging Leaders participated in the Foundational ITS Leadership Program and gained concepts & strategies that unlocked their full potential while providing value to bring back to share with the teams they lead. The Leadership Team attended the last session to celebrate the accomplishments of the completed program, and were able to hear the results gained from the team through the capstone project presentations. The investment we have made in our Emerging Leaders has had a positive impact on our organizational goals and overall success.

OxyGo | CEOOxyGo | CEOToria Marquard-Schultz

We have had the opportunity to have CultureShoc help with 2 of our team retreats and have been blown away each time! Their energy, team building techniques and culture exercises make this event a huge success! I can't say enough great things about their programs and instructors!

Keller Williams | BrokerKeller Williams | BrokerEd Huck

The CultureShoc Keynote at our trade group meeting was amazing. It was high-energy, and highly enlightening event where everyone left with excitement about improving the effectiveness of their next meeting. I highly recommend them.

Capital Property Solutions | PrincipalCapital Property Solutions | PrincipalArnold Barzak

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