S1E12: Taking a One Month Sabbatical w/ Michael Cantor

S1E12: Taking a One Month Sabbatical w/ Michael Cantor

Into The Storm Leaders Podcast | Episode 12

Have you established strong enough process and empowered your team well enough to step away for a 1-month sabbatical? If so, how would you spend that time wisely and what would you re-entry plan look like? I’m sure for many the thought of it seems completely unrealistic!  Our guest in this episode of Into The Storm Leaders is fresh off his return and shares some insights that you won’t want to miss.  In this episode we dive into a conversation with Michael Cantor, the President, Chairman, and Founding Principal of Allegro Realty. We discuss the importance of vulnerability in leadership, his experience with adopting EOS, preparing for your first sabbatical, benefits of belonging to a forum like Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), and how Dan Sullivan’s Strategic Coach system helped him better align his role with work that brings him energy.

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Quoteworthy Moments

  • 00:06:41 – “Fast forward to EOS, and I think it helped us to uncover those things that made us unique, the three uniques about our business, and helped us recognize that those three things in combination make us unique nationally in our industry.”
  • 00:10:45 – “It’s a healthy way to structure incentives.”
  • 00:15:47 – “I feel that because I lived away for about a decade and bounced around and have an appreciation and love for Cleveland I don’t think I would have had had I not left.”
  • 00:19:54 – “I feel like I need to start with the fact that we implemented EOS three years ago.”
  • 00:21:36 – “A few months later, as I really started digging into the sabbatical, I actually came across the term rust out and recognized I was actually experiencing rust out, not burnout.”
  • 00:32:39 – “What gives you energy are your unique abilities.”
  • 00:37:31 – “It’s self-awareness and perspective.”
  • 00:41:38 – “So you ask people, what’s my unique ability? And it feels self-serving, but what you’re really trying to get to is how can I serve you better?”
  • 00:42:32 – “I think in the long run, I’m going to look back at the combination of those two activities, the sabbatical and the discovery process and say, that was transformational.”
  • 00:52:45 – “But I think without even realizing it, we do have figures in our lives that we strive to emulate so we can be that same experience for somebody else.”
  • 00:58:45 – “Leadership is doing the hard things that often are for the greater good, even if it’s not the best thing for you.”
  • 01:01:28 – “Acquisitions can be, so challenging  to get on the same page, to get everyone aligned, rowing together with the same core values and and bring that culture together.”

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