Less Conventional Delegation to AI, Freelance and Automation – Free Webinar

Less Conventional Delegation to AI, Freelance and Automation – Free Webinar

Based on popular demand, we recorded a webinar and you can watch it for free by submitting the form below

Disclaimer – We’re not affiliates for any of the things mentioned nor do we consider ourselves experts or gurus in this stuff. We don’t offer marketing services or implementation of these things at your business and we’re not trying to sell anything. We’re curious learners with an entrepreneurial mindset who believe in helping first and that courageous leadership and innovation are at the center of the healthiest cultures.

We hope this sparks curiosity, demonstrates relevant use-cases for your business, and gives you that extra courage to charge into the technological storm and start delegating differently in 2024!

At a high level, we set out to articulate how the benefits far outweighed the risks when embracing these cost-effective (yet sometime intimidating and daunting) methods of delegating. AI, Automation, and Freelance are all powerful levers, enabling you to pull them at different times and responsibly scale your business.

CultureShoc’s Mission: Discover, Engage, & Grow Leaders.
The buffalo metaphor is a powerful one. Charging into challenges, uncomfortable situations, things that we know might suck at first but that are necessary for success, this applies to every facet of life and serves as a reminder to choose the scary path that leads to a better outcome faster. Whether that be having an uncomfortable conversation about accountability, taking ownership and making intentional efforts to improve, or even embracing changes in how we do business. That mentality, combined with our mission, unite our team at Cultureshoc and we’re determined to share that with as many leaders as possible in an effort to create healthier, stronger, workplace cultures everywhere.

Links to other Resources we Discussed:

10 MORE Resources to Consider:

  1. Motion AI Calendaring: AI time blocking & scheduling for increased efficiency.
  2. Fathom Recording: Free app for Zoom, Teams, etc. that records, summarizes, and provides a transcript.
  3. Hootsuite: A comprehensive social media management tool that helps tree care businesses effectively manage all their social platforms in one place.
  4. Magic Outsourcing: Week-to-week outsourcing services for various administrative and operational tasks, allowing tree care companies to focus on core activities.
  5. BeCreatives: Monthly video editing service.
  6. Vidyo AI: Automatically generates short video clips from a long-form video.
  7. SellX: A specialized sales platform designed to boost client acquisition and streamline sales processes for tree care companies.

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