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WE MEET AGAIN: Charging Ahead to Blue Skies

By March 11, 2021March 15th, 2021insights

Is your team ready to have something meaningful and fun to look forward to?

If you’re like the majority of companies we know, you’ve scrambled, struggled, gotten creative, banded together (apart) and transformed the way you do business.

Businesses, our country, and our world have been in the midst of an unprecedented and monumental storm.  Those who have adopted and executed the Buffalo Mindset have felt the pain but continued to charge.  And while so much work has been done, progress been made, and pivots completed, there has been little ability to celebrate that together.

Until now.

We know that you have been charging through, turning those obstacles into opportunities whenever possible, and we now see some sun between the clouds. With widespread vaccinations picking up steam, there is light ahead that we can all celebrate!

At CultureShoc, we’re here to help facilitate that excitement, the team camaraderie, the congratulations for their loyalty, and the go-forward strategy in 2021 and beyond. This is our specialty – facilitating extraordinary company engagements that make a lasting impact. Let’s face it. We’re all ready to take a break from “virtual reality” and have meaningful social interaction in a safe and yet effective way.

Introducing our WE MEET AGAIN program! With the increased demand for face-to-face social interactions, and with meeting spaces booking up fast for the Summer and Fall, we’ve decided to make it easy for teams of people to reserve their meeting dates, find the right venue, and generate excitement for face-to-face interaction.

Through our new online reservation system, organizations can reserve their date without obligation so we can start the conversation and develop an unforgettable event – whether it’s a high-energy team building experience, a unique workshop, team retreat, state of the company meeting, or anything in between to meet your exact needs.

Surf the reservation system and pick your date.  We’ll handle the rest!

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