1:1 Coaching Helped Transition to Leadership Role

1:1 Coaching Helped Transition to Leadership Role

Ohio Metallurgical Service, more commonly known as OhioMet, is a heat treating services company that runs on the Entrepreneurial Operating System with Ron Kaminski as their implementer. Over the past 10+ years, they’ve significantly grown their business—expanding facilities, increasing capabilities, and advancing technologies—to meet customer demands. Dean Repar, their metallurgist, has been at the forefront of product development to set up and grow their lab and establish quality control standards.

After 13 years on the job, Dean started to feel, well, stagnant in his position with little room to grow. As an integral, long-standing team member, OhioMet VP, Gary Overy, agreed and offered him a seat on their Leadership Team. CultureShoc’s Lead Compete on Culture Implementer, Pete Honsberger, was called in to to provide 1:1 coaching sessions with Dean. The purpose was to enhance the skills from being their one metallurgist to becoming a leader of the business.

Dean reflects, “At first I was skeptical about getting coaching, but it’s been great. I’m very knowledgeable in my job but my organizational skills were lacking to be in a leadership role. Pete really helped me with setting goals, putting it on paper, and getting them done.”

There were setbacks.

Shortly after becoming part of the leadership team, Dean was thrust into heading maintenance and he felt a bit blind-sided. Pete helped Dean see the reasoning behind it and the opportunity it presented. Heading maintenance meant Dean was able to put processes in place and create efficiencies he didn’t have control over before. It also gave him a chance to be a team leader.

Then there was Covid, and on top of it, a recent fire. Facing both head-on, the company took those occasions to rethink strategies; use L10 meetings in each department to come up with solutions; set to dos; keep track; and make their business safer, advanced, and more efficient.

“Instead of dwelling, we took a look at training to engineering to technology and all. The company is doing wonderful all things considered. Even in the midst of it, we never laid anyone off, and innovations happened because we have a great team and great tools.”

Now fully into leadership, Dean loves the quarterly EOS sessions with Ron too. He’s more comfortable in his new role and has able to be open and honest which led to better appreciation and connection with the team.

“Personally, the experience with Pete was fantastic and got me through bad times and helped me improve organizational skills. I keep a lot in mind at one time, but it was too much. I really did need the help and it was good to have someone from outside looking in to get you thinking from a different perceptive. He’d help me look at all the issues to give me new ideas and solutions. For anyone ready for their next move within a company, I’d recommend coaching sessions with Pete.”

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