CultureShoc’s Three EOS Implementers Move Up the Ranks

CultureShoc’s Three EOS Implementers Move Up the Ranks

CultureShoc, at the Traction Leadership Center, is the only one of its kind in the world that has three EOS Implementers®.

We are excited to announce that all three of our EOS Implementers have upgraded their EOS implementation designations to the next level! Thank you to the many clients who allowed our implementers to help guide leadership teams to achieve their vision of the business. Jim, Kimberly and Ron were able to further their mastery of the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

The new designations are as follows:

Jim Tennant – Professional EOS Implementer

  • Jim has successfully completed the EOS Professional Implementer Boot Camp. Because he works with multiple growth-minded companies to implement EOS, and continuously trains toward EOS mastery. Additionally, Jim is a Six Sigma Blackbelt and Lean manufacturing expert.

Kimberly Dyer – Certified EOS Implementer

  • Kimberly continues to meet all the standards of a Professional EOS Implementer. Because she has implemented EOS purely with over a dozen clients, conducting more than 50 sessions per year. Additionally, Kimberly is a Kolbe Certified Consultant.

Ron Kaminski – Expert EOS Implementer

  • Ron has successfully completed the EOS Professional Implementer Boot Camp too. Because he has facilitated over 600 EOS sessions to date, and is at the highest level of EOS mastery. Additionally, Ron is an entrepreneur and CultureShoc’s Visionary.

Dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses, we facilitate the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. EOS is complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that gets everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. And, of course, solve issues as they arise for the greater good of the business.

Congratulations to Jim, Kimberly and Ron for this huge achievement. And thank you to all the CultureShoc EOS clients for helping make this happen!

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