The BuffaLowdown | CultureShoc’s October 2023 Newsletter

The BuffaLowdown | CultureShoc’s October 2023 Newsletter

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CultureShoc’s latest newsletter highlights two episodes of the “Into the Storm Leaders Podcast.” Episode 12 features Michael Cantor, President of Allegro Realty, discussing vulnerability in leadership and aligning work with passion. Episode 13 showcases Harrison’s journey from a Zen Buddhist Monastery to starting a successful tree care business, emphasizing mindfulness in leadership. Additionally, they announce upcoming podcast guests Jeff Kadlic and Victoria Marquez-Schultz. The newsletter also introduces the ITS Leaders Community Forum and highlights a client, Ashton Technology Solutions, focusing on team trust. Traction Leadership Center’s expansion is mentioned, and they offer clarity on company vision with the V/TO™ tool. The newsletter closes with a shout-out to Cleveland Construction and a parting thought on simplifying business complexities.

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