The BuffaLowdown | CultureShoc’s September 2023 Newsletter

The BuffaLowdown | CultureShoc’s September 2023 Newsletter

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CultureShoc Newsletter Spotlight: Harnessing Talent and Wisdom

Into the Storm Leaders Podcast: Episode Highlights

Episode 10: Attract, Hire, & Retain Top Talent Discover the art of building a robust team with insights from the president of Rust Belt Recruiting. Learn strategies that go beyond recruitment to foster a culture of retention and growth within your organization. Watch Now ➔

Episode 11: Solving Inventory Problems Tackle one of the most common yet complex challenges in business with Mike Ryan of the M. Ryan Group. Delve into actionable solutions for inventory management that can streamline operations and boost efficiency. Watch Now ➔

Coming Soon: Executive Sabbatical Insights Michael Cantor of Allegro Realty shares the transformative power of taking a strategic pause from the daily grind. Anticipate invaluable lessons from his month-long sabbatical in our upcoming episode. Stay Tuned ➔

EOS® L10™ Meeting Structure: Meeting Mastery Revolutionize your meetings with the EOS® L10™ Meeting Structure. Interested in optimizing your company’s meeting culture? Take advantage of our free meeting observation offer for expert insights and recommendations. Contact Us ➔

MTA’s Summer Picnic: Celebrating Culture Midwest Transatlantic Lines (MTA) showcases their vibrant culture with a summer picnic. A nod to their commitment to community and leadership development, with a special appearance by our own Pete Honsberger and Joe Jurec. Learn More ➔

Culture Strength Assessment: Navigating Organizational Culture Our upcoming Culture Strength Assessment tool is designed to pinpoint areas for cultural enhancement and sustainable results. Be part of the pilot phase and help shape this innovative tool. Contact Us ➔

Saluting Branches: Community and Remembrance Joe Jurec joins the Saluting Branches initiative, contributing to a day of service at Lake View Cemetery alongside industry experts. A testament to the spirit of community and the honor of veteran remembrance. Discover More ➔

A Parting Thought from Joe “Effective feedback is a blend of connection, belonging, and high standards. It’s about fostering a sense of inclusion while challenging individuals to surpass mediocrity and achieve excellence.”

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