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Do You Know Your Superpower?

By March 1, 2022March 21st, 2022insights
Kolbe A results is Your Superpower

What if you could know your superpower? What about your team’s? Each of us has a unique strength that when we understand better is the superpower, magic solution you may have been waiting for.  What is it? Your Kolbe A™ Results! 

When it comes to determining who to hire and how your team members work best, there are a lot of assessment tools out there. We are all familiar with personality tests and IQ tests, but Kolbe offers something unique by measuring neither your credentials nor your personality; what Kolbe does is measure how you will show up on the job and DO your work.    

Comparing Solutions

Solutions like DISC®, The Kolbe System™, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and The Predictive Index® are some of the most well-known and widely used.  

  • DISC is a behavioral model to help people understand why they do what they do.  
  • The Myers-Briggs identifies which one of the 16 personality types an individual is categorized, though it can change over time.  
  • The Predictive index measures behavioral drives as well as cognitive ability. 

All of these are helpful in assessing current and potential employees, but only one of them will provide you with the secret to unlock your & your team’s full potential.  

Kolbe goes beyond the previous measurements to also include conative ability, or your natural instincts, and what innately drives you. Kolbe has both high validity and high reliability when it comes to assessments. 90% of people who take their Kolbe A will NOT see “statistical change” over a 20+ year span. Other assessments are more of a snapshot in time and can see inconsistent results over time. It allows you, as a leader, to put people where they will thrive, be energized, and be the most productive.  Kolbe can optimize the hiring process, as well as increases retention and performance of your employees. 

Kolbe and EOS®

That’s why Kolbe is one of the tools in the EOS Toolbox™. Kolbe helps increase an individual and team’s effectiveness and identify the right people for the right seat. We all have strengths differing from each other. Understanding natural strengths and potential conflicts helps build relationships and harmony within a team. As a Kolbe Certified Consultant, I can provide a complete picture of the team dynamics, diagnose performance & collaboration challenges. 

Why should this matter to you? You want to hire and work with someone who is the right fit for right now and for the future. The Kolbe People Performance Playbook Addresses these concerns: 

  • Individual: Improve Efficiency, Develop Leaders, & Increase Engagement 
  • Teams: Enhance Communication, Collaborate Effectively & Boost Performance 
  • Organization: Hire & Retain Top Talent. Right People in the Right Seats, Amplify Culture. 

 If you have already taken your Kolbe A Index, are you using it to better understand yourself, your role, and the strengths of your team? Or, if your company has not utilized Kolbe Indexes and would like to learn more, schedule a call or Zoom. I’ll help you gain a better understanding of how Kolbe can maximize everyone’s unique strengths.